Eruptive styles related to the monogenetic mafic volcanism of Pasto Ventura region, Southern Puna, Argentina

Ruben Filipovich, Walter Báez, Emilce Bustos, Agustina Villagrán, Agostina Chiodi, Jose Viramonte


One of the most outstanding features of the Southern Puna is the occurrence of a widespread monogenetic mafic volcanism during Neogene-Quaternary. Despite a number of published papers focusing on the petrogenesis of this back-arc volcanism, works aimed on its physical volcanology are scarce. This paper presents the characterization of the monogenetic mafic volcanism in the Pasto Ventura region, located in the southeast edge of the Southern Puna. The results show that in the Pasto Ventura region there is a low density of small-volume eruptive centers aligned with regional tectonic structures and a significant variability in eruptive styles (effusive, strombolian, hawaiian, violent strombolian and phreatomagmatic) and typology of volcanic structures (domes, scoria cones, maars and tuff rings). The first of these features is explained by a limited magma flow rate from the deep source and the use of favorable tectonic structures (oriented obliquely to the regional maximum compression direction) for the ascent of small volumes of magma through the upper crust. The variability of eruptive styles responds to the complex interaction of different endogenous and exogenous factors. The occurrence of effusive or explosive eruptions depends on the differences in magma ascent rates including periods of stagnation in the upper crust, which in turn control the efficiency of degassing and ultimately the occurrence of fragmentation. On the other hand, the more humid local climatic conditions (~150 mm/year), which are related to the geographical position of the Pasto Ventura region in the eastern edge of the Puna, favor the occurrence of phreatomagmatic activity. Phreatomagmatic activity also varies according to the topography, substrate typology and depth at which water-magma interaction occurs.


Monogenetic volcanism, Physical volcanology, Tectonic control, Puna Austral.

How to cite this article Filipovich, R.; Báez, W.; Bustos, E.; Villagrán, A.; Chiodi, A.; Viramonte, J. 2019, Eruptive styles related to the monogenetic mafic volcanism of Pasto Ventura region, Southern Puna, Argentina. Andean Geology 46 (2) : 300-335. [doi:]